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>> tonight, the men hunt continues for the suspect to vandalized a speed camera causing the interstate to shut down for hours. >> officials say a man emerged from the woods with a shotgun and a hammer. we have the latest. >> this man that has been scaled back continuously. there are still extra police patrols in the hopes that they find the man who caused many folks to be on edge tonight. >> i have used a deadbolt on the door. >> this is the scene of a bizarre incident that has police still searching for a man considered armed and dangerous. if he is still out with a gun and a hammer, we will stay close
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by the hotel. >> the drama unfolded at about 11:30. a man emerged holding a hammer in one hand and a shotgun in the other. police say for some reason he approached this speed camera chief. inside of the car was the operator. he said that the suspect was tapping on the back window with the shotgun. >> he began blowing his horn. he said the individual came to the front of the truck and began striking the front windshield with his hammer. >> you can see this shattered glass on the windshield. the suspect started yelling at the camera operator. >> he could not determine what was being said but within minutes, he said the individual walked back into the wooded area carrying a shotgun and a hammer. >> more than 50 officers searched the woods. the high was set down for three
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hours. investigators are examining surveillance video to see if they can't a glimpse of the suspect described as a white male in his 60's, 5 feet, 8 inches, with gray hair and clean shaven. he was last seen wearing a plaid shirt. the case as police and the public baffled. >> it is strange that someone would do this randomly unless maybe they thought they got a ticket. >> investigators say that they are entertaining a possibility that this case has connection to a case back in the winter where several and send your devices were sent to state office buildings along with a note that complained about the highway signs. investigators are open to the possibility that they will look at that possible link. >> be the first to know when
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police track down this armed suspect by finding out with a breaking news e-mail and alert. of course, we will have the latest on the surge tomorrow morning beginning at 5:00 a.m.. >> no word on what led a man to stab his father. police say the victim was stabbed in the chest. they have not updated the father's condition. the sun is behind bars. police are working to identify a body found inside the trunk. the discovery was made at 5:30 this afternoon. at this point, police are only calling the death suspicious. no rest in the incident that marked the fourth of july celebration at the inner harbor. investigators are going through the crime cameras to find the
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gun that fired the bullet that injured a 4-year-old. also there looking for leads on the stabbing of a tourist from alabama. >> it is not like you will have crowds of people and congregating and milling about. generally people don't cause problems once they are in the venue. >> if you have any information, you are asked to call the police. >> a man convicted of murdering his girlfriend in 2009 will spend the rest of his life behind bars. frederick allen christian was sentenced to life without parole. he was convicted of first-degree murder of his pro friend.
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10 years in prison for the man convicted of taking pictures of women in their home. charles novak pleaded guilty to murder -- to burglary. they found multiple pieces of equipment and it included images of 250 women including his mother. >> you expect a certain measure of privacy when and if you close your blinds. to have someone that is your neighbor and you would expect to have a personal boundary violate that. that is unexplainable. >> this defendant look for ways to access women's homes and he headed the equipment that was so sophisticated. we are very happy that they understood the severity of the case. >> he will be required to
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register as a sex offender. >> someone's garage and house caught fire. the crews responding to a home on candlestick drive 9:00 this morning. no one was injured, the cause of the fire is under investigation. that comes on the heels of an arson investigation in baltimore county. officials say half a dozen fires were set in the sparrows point area. the started after 4:00 a.m.. the arsonists set fire to the back of a man's apartment. two sheds were set on fire. if you have any information on the arsons, you are asked to call baltimore county police. >> if the baltimore city council president gets his way, there
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could be a fine for illegal dumping. this would be $500. the penalty for dumping anything heavier than that will cost you four times as much. 250 to $1,000. is this the answer to a cleaner community? >> there has been stories of people of people calling 311. they were scrapped with a fine. the city council is considering new ways to target violent offenders. >> they are fed up with not a filth they see on the streets. >> light now, you can see the king ranch, these are black.
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that goes up. >> that they gave city council an earful on everything recycling to some dumping. >> we have this problem there with bedbugs. you see mattresses on the streets, carpet, clothing. this is a health issue. >> the comments did not fall on death ears. they're considering higher fines. trash under 25 pounds would jump from $150 to $500. over this would increase to $2,000. it would be responsible for the cost of paying for illegal items. >> we would need to employ a coordinated enforcement strategy that utilizes the place in this bill as well as the
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police department possibility to cease the use in dumping. >> they are considering plans to improve trash build up. this is currently limited to 96 gallons of garbage. >> we are trying to audit experience. do we need more resources going out on those that generally have larger capacities. >> the city council will discuss the issue of the trash program and illegal dumping. >> verizon has agreed to pay $20 million to resolve a lawsuit over how the company treated some of the disabled employees. the equal employment commission says that verizon violated the american disabilities act. they disciplined employees to miss work due to a disability. they denied the claim is saying
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that verizon has agreed to settle the complaint with the eeoc because this is in the best interest of our company, employees, customers. the policies continue to exceed what is required by law. if approved, they said they will be the largest single disability discrimination settlement in the commission's history. >> president obama is expected to meet with leaders of both parties to hammer out a budget deal. a deal must be reached before august 2nd. the president has ruled out a short-term deal to prevent default. he would like to slash 2.5 trillion dollars from the budget. the gop says any tax hikes would be a deal breaker. we have big technology news for you tonight. >> a sign that apple is preparing to release their fifth generation i-on. you can see how soon they will
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hit stores. >> it takes 10 or 20 seconds. then we are video chatting. >> facebook is expanding and it ceo is excited. how the video feature is unlike any other. >> scattered showers and thunderstorms growing. there are more coming from the north and west. right now, warm and muggy. 82 downtown and the relative humidity of 82%. >> coming up next. scam artists targeting ocean city vacationers. city vacationers.
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>> a new iphone appears to be on the way. apple has placed orders with vendors. the new phone is expected to be thinner and lighter than his predecessor. insiders say it will have and 8 mega pixel cameras. apple hopes to sell 25 million units by the end of the year. the facebook ceo and failed a brand new feature. -- unveiled a brand new feature. people can start the call. if no one is available, users can leave video messages. this allows them to chat with multiple fronts at once. what happens when a vacation
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home you are renting is not really exist or maybe it never really was available to rent? >> maybe you cannot say it on television but that is on sick people are finding -- that is what some people are finding. >> these days, getting burned at the ocean can take a whole new meaning. >> the price is good. the pictures are good. they look beautiful. it was right and allocation. it was everything we were looking for. >> she had her eye on this condominium. she found on craigslist and quickly contacted the individual who posted the advertisement. a woman calling herself lisa said she was the rightful owner of the house. the house was available. it was a good deal. 150 a night for the condominium.
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call that red flag number 1. >> the second is grammar and spelling. she said, "i have been working with the owners for a good six years." she never spoke to the woman, she only received e-mail. then came red flag number 3, how to pay. >> the way they wanted me to pay was through western union. they were wiring money. i knew it was a scam. once we wire the money, it is gone. >> she began to surge property records and found the real owners of the house. the home is not available for rent. no one named lisa was a real- estate agent. we spoke with the owner. >> someone had downloaded
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pictures and actually had our pictures on this craigslist site. >> did you feel scammed too? >> not as much as she did. >> 1 owner said that potential owners have been scanned nearly 10 times. they found out who had been had. some of these are coming from people living in jamaica on nigeria. no one has been arrested. >> it is hard to catch people because they are overseas. once this goes overseas, there's not much the police department can do. >> the vacation rental business as on the increase, up some 30%. agents find themselves trying to help people. >> we would like to find out exactly how you got this.
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>> be aware if the agent does not want to speak by phone. also beware of deals and pricing properties. >> if you find a building that is charging typically $4,000 a week, they are offering the same room up for $1,000. >> the ocean city mayor. >> technology is incredible. we are all susceptible to a really good deal. sometimes you have to wonder if it is too good to be true. >> i would encourage people to go to the site. that will take you anywhere you want to go. you can get to their web sites or you can look right on our website. >> they had their ocean get away after booking a rental through a friend. >> if you are looking for a good deal and something seems like it
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is a good deal, i think you should stop to think and do a little bit of research. >> they almost learned the hard way. >> they say to use common sense if you're suspicious. follow your gut. if you have to pay a fee, you're often say for dealing with a license real estate agent. you can get more information on our website, >> now, your insta-weather forecast. >> we did not quite hit the 90 degree mark but it was not far off. 89 down at b.w.i. marshall. the afternoon high was 95. it was another warm july day. this is not nearly as scorching hot as it was a year ago. this is 105 degrees on the sixth
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of july. the highest ever, 107. it was a couple of degrees short of an all-time record high. just a trace of precipitation. this is still warm and muggy. 82 in downtown baltimore. the same thing down towards anne arundel county. back in to end this part of the foothills. this is still quite mild. it does cool off. it is 68. this is moving out of the ocean. severe storms run gold -- rumbled through southeastern virginia. and there are still some showers popping up. the front is moving south of the lakes. there is a chance for off and on thunderstorms. 68-78. cooler in the northwest suburbs.
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sunrise at 5:47. there is one front, won over the weekend. the new front comes in and will take the same position. it will likely stall and fadeout. as it goes in tomorrow and to friday, there will be a chance across more of maryland and we have seen in a couple of days. there is tomorrows map. there are some scattered thunderstorms in the area. the storms will wind down tomorrow. maybe linder. it is looking perhaps into the morning on saturday. the whole system slides off the coast. tomorrow will be another muggy day. the west winds are 5-10. this is giving way to afternoon storms. light wind and waves around a foot into the afternoon thunderstorms roll through. this is notable, 82 degree
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water temperatures. only one high tide at fort mchenry. a 40% chance and up around 80. around the bay, 91, hot and steamy. the lower eastern shore will likely be warm as well. not much help from the cooler ocean waters. look for a 30% chance of a storm. 91 tomorrow, 85 with more clouds. the rain chances and saturday morning. it will turn a little bit less humid. to buttress hovering around 90. >> a new hope in texas, albeit briefly. that is coming up next in sports. >> time for the power ball.
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scott adams here with you. tonight, a guaranteed $25 million. look for all nine jackpot. the multiplier is two. 55-50-24-11-15. time for the power ball 8. good luck, everyone. here are the winning numbers. make sure you make universal
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>> it is a story that we have seen over and over again. bad pitching, sparse hitting, and the sense of dread. i have no desire to tell such a depressing tale. jeremy godfrey is stock in a funk. he saw little reward. michael young, he had a pretty good series. this was done three times, a to- nothing game. back up the middle, down to two
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runs in a scoring position. before anyone settles then, 4-0, texas. lee teeing off. this makes it a four-two game. some defense, this was not the smoothest played against the job done. a whole host of rbi singles. this ended and the orioles hope. a shot off of -- this was the first home run and a hundred and 27 at bats. the orioles get swept. >> it is about us, not them. we will have to do better. we're almost there if you want to take it but we need to pitch better and we need to play better. >> we talked to jim hunter.
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derek jeter is four hits and 3000. this is a great play. we still have a little bit of range. the bottom of the seventh, this is the first major league home run. a solo shot. memorable against the yankees. 3-0. to the wall it goes. a hit, 2997 and a double to right. the yankees dropped 2-3 in cleveland. five-three is the final. a wake-up call for the americans in germany. we start the first half. this beats the solo. sweden with a bit of a shocker. more in the first half. the whole is deeper. this is a lucky bounce.
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into the corner it goes. sweden 2-0. she bakes through a first goal. the u.s. loses 2-1. they must face a very good brazilian team in the quarter finals. everything is bigger in texas including the scope and scale of how williams understands romance. williams nailed an engagement ring to his call friend with a video proposal. to no one's surprise, she declined. he said through a lawsuit that she needs to give the ring back. her father that -- her father said that williams told her to keep it. she will give it back. i hope that she mailed it back to him first class. that is poor form.
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if i were a customer, i'd like nonstop travel because it's quicker. because it's convenient. it's just the best way to go. keeps the cost down. [ male announcer ] southwest airlines has added new nonstop flights from bwi airport to south carolina. it means more time doing the things i want to do.
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it's easy. it's hassle-free. there's no headaches. [ male announcer ] fly southwest airlines' new nonstops from bwi airport to greenville-spartanburg and charleston, south carolina. i like nonstop travel because... you don't got any more stuff. [ laughter ] [ ding ] >> more warm and muggy weather and that means more chances for thunderstorms, at least in the afternoon on saturday. sunday looking like the best day for outdoor activities. >> that is hot. >> take care, we will see tomorrow.
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